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Marion Enterprise Network - Looped, Redundant, Low Cost

Competitive Advantage at Lightning Speed

Speed, reliability, and redundancy are critical components to your I.T. infrastructure. Businesses spend thousands of dollars moving data and accessing services to connect and compete in our global economy.

That’s why we’ve built the Marion Enterprise Network. We’re leveraging a fiber-rich environment to deliver competitive advantage. Located in Marion, IA our robust fiber infrastructure capitalizes on the nationwide assets of industry leader Involta and leverages the regional expertise of ImOn Communications to create a powerful tool driving business attraction and expansion.

The MEC Difference 

The Marion Enterprise Center (M.E.C.) is a Certified Industrial Park owned by MEDCO Holding Company, LLC in partnership with the Iowa Economic Development Authority and the City of Marion, IA.

The park was constructed with 72 strands of excess fiber capacity proactively installed to aggressively serve business needs.

The fiber is looped and redundant with direct data center connectivity.

By connecting to the Marion Enterprise Network, you’ll eliminate data transport costs and connect directly to Involta’s adjacent data center. It’s one of the most competitive offerings of technology solutions anywhere in the country. You’ll enjoy highly reliable internet connectivity through the world class data center at a fraction of the cost compared to anywhere else.

Plus, utilizing collocation and cloud services provided by our local partners will save you thousands if not millions of dollars by eliminating construction and maintenance costs within your own facility. When it comes to compliance, scalability, maintenance, security, redundancy and more, you'll gain peace of mind and a clear competitive advantage by locating in the Marion Enterprise Center and connecting to the Marion Enterprise Network.

Marion, IA provides a competitive advantage to industries across many key sectors.

Specifically, the Marion Enterprise Network targets companies in:

  • Healthcare Data Management
  • Cloud Computing Data Processing
  • Biometric Data Security
  • Financial Technology Services
  • Location Based Engineering Services
  • Artificial Intelligence for Avionics Applications
  • Business Process Management Software Services
  • Specialty Ingredients Manufacturing

Qualifying Business Criteria

The Marion Enterprise Network is built exclusively for companies generally meeting key investment criteria:

  • Minimum facility investment - $2 million
  • Purchase of ground in the Marion Enterprise Center.
  • Creation of 10+ jobs that meet the State of Iowa's High Quality Jobs minimum wage threshold.

Qualifying businesses must also meet one of the following data usage benchmarks:

  • Minimum data storage needs of 10 Terabytes.
  • Minimum of 10 application/software developers on site.
  • Minimum need of 100 Mbps for internet.
  • Companies requiring 99.99999% availability of data services or higher.

Network Benefits

The Marion Enterprise Network is a private fiber network providing a redundant pathway to the world. The circuit utilizes a minimum of one dedicated fiber to exclusively serve each qualifying tenant in the Marion Enterprise Center.

All qualifying parties utilizing the Marion Enterprise Network shall have the choice between multiple communication/technology vendors through the Involta Data Center and tailored services specific to their needs.

Users operating on the Marion Enterprise Network shall incur no transport fees and move unlimited data between their site and the Involta data center. Transport to locations beyond the Involta data center may be negotiated and purchased through ImOn.

Qualifying businesses that choose ImOn as their provider shall also be provided the following services:

Internet connectivity at no cost with speeds of up to 100Mbps during the first two years of service. Additional bandwidth above 100Mbps shall be negotiated and purchased through ImOn.

Base service installation costs will be waived by ImOn not to exceed $2,000. Installation costs exceeding $2,000 will be charged to the qualifying business.

Involta shall provide qualifying businesses Wholesale Data & IT Services.

Wholesale rates shall be offered to qualifying users of the Marion Enterprise Network for all Data Center and Managed IT Services for an initial 12-month period. Rates beyond the 12-month period shall be negotiated with Involta.

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