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Specialty Ingredients Manufacturing

Specialty Ingredients Manufacturing

It’s fair to say that Iowa, more than any other state, is at the center of an astounding 41% increase in specialty food manufacturing since 2012. That’s because Iowa is home to no less than 36 of the largest 100 food manufacturers and processors, and we produce nearly ten percent of the country’s entire food supply.

As you can see, any food manufacturing business looking to relocate or expand has to seriously consider Iowa. Then, when you research the Iowa locations best positioned to help you flourish, it’s likely that Marion will be on your short list.

Consider that our city’s population has grown over 7% in the last six years, which out-paces the state of Iowa as well as the US. Plus, Iowa has the fifth highest concentration of food scientists in the country -- 130% more that the national average -- the professional expertise you need. Over 20,000 manufacturing employees live within 45 minutes of Marion.

Marion is a city that fosters a business-friendly atmosphere which rewards independent thinkers and overachievers. Just as important, we take pride in being nationally-recognized as one of the best places to raise a family.


ICR Key Industry Iowa Economic Development

In 2013, Iowa's food industry invested over $997 million in capital investment to expand operations.

(Bureau of Economic Analysis and U.S. Census)

Low Cost and Fully Developed Real Estate:

  • The Marion Enterprise Center is a 184-acre, certified business park located on a four-lane highway and adjacent to a general aviation airport.
  • Our shovel ready certified sites get projects done faster than anywhere in the Midwest

Low Cost and Abundant Utilities:

  • The Region’s electric and natural gas rates are competitive within the Midwest.
  • Publicly-owned, redundant, and looped fiber network with significant capacity.
  • Marion’s public fiber network connects to Involta’s Tier 3 data Center, a state-of-the-art, secure data storage facility.

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