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Site Uses

The following businesses are allowed users within the Marion Enterprise Center.

  • Business or trade schools providing education or training in business or commerce, language, or other similar activity or occupational pursuit.
  • Clinics or group medical centers, including dental clinics, but not including animal clinics or hospitals.
  • Construction sales and services including small scale establishments or places of business primarily engaged in the retail or wholesale sale, from the premises, of materials used in the construction of buildings or other structures other than retail sale of paint, fixtures and hardware. Typical uses include building materials sales, or tool and equipment rental or sales.
  • Corporate offices including administrative, processing, or research offices. Typical uses include corporate headquarters offices, telemarketing, or information processing offices.
  • General office uses for business, professional, or administrative offices.
  • Manufacturing, assembling, compounding, processing, packaging or other comparable treatment of Material.
  • Parks, either public or private.
  • Personal service establishments or places of business primarily engaged in the provision of services of a personal nature.
  • Printing, lithographing or film processing plants.
  • Research services establishments primarily engaged in research of an industrial or scientific nature. Typical uses include electronics research laboratories, space research and development firms, testing laboratories, or pharmaceutical research labs.
  • Restaurants, drive-in or fast food, engaged in the preparation and retail sale of food and beverages; including the sale of alcoholic beverages when conducted as a secondary feature of the use.
  • Retail services including sale of commonly used goods and merchandise for business support.
  • Trade services establishments or places of business primarily engaged in the provision of services that are not retail or primarily dedicated to walk-in clientele. These services often involve services to construction or building trades. Typical uses include shops or operating bases for plumbers, electricians, or heating, ventilating, and air conditioning contractors.
  • Transportation use types include the use of land for the purpose of providing facilities supporting the movement of passengers and freight from one (1) point to another.
    • a. Transportation Terminal - Facility for loading, unloading, and interchange of passengers, baggage, and incidental freight or package express, including bus terminals, railroad stations, and public transit facilities.
    • b. Truck Terminal - A facility for the receipt, transfer, short term storage, and dispatching of goods transported by truck.
  • Warehousing (Enclosed) including storage, distribution, and handling of goods and materials within enclosed structures. Typical uses include wholesale distributors, storage warehouses, and van and storage companies.
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