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Site Certification

Certified industrial sites are among the most in demand assets for companies looking to re-locate or expand their operation in a community. In today's world of site selection, companies continue to shrink their timelines for not only making a location decision, but also the time required to start construction and complete a project. Companies looking to build new facilities want sites that are shovel-ready and risk free, they need to look no further than the Marion Enterprise Center (MEC).

The MEC is designated a certified site by the Iowa Economic Development Authority. Iowa's certified site program, designed and implemented by the nationally recognized site selection firm McCallum Sweeney Consulting (MSC), parallels a typical site location process. Due to the certification, MEDCO is able to provide companies considering re-location or expansion all relevant site-related data and documentation accumulated throughout the process that reflect the fact that the Marion Enterprise Center is a "risk-free" industrial park.



State of Iowa Site Certification Requirements

  • Documented price and terms to prospective industrial investors
  • Zoned appropriately by City
  • Free of any known rights-of-way, easements, judgments, liens, restrictive covenants, and any other items that might impact the park's developability
  • Free of recognized environmental conditions
  • Completed Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
  • Free of wetlands or be able to be mitigated within 90days
  • Completed Wetland Identification, Delineation, and Classification Report
  • Free of state and federal rare, threatened, and endangered species or be able to be mitigated within 90days
  • No impacts to any federally listed species
  • Free of areas of archaeological or historical significance or be able to be mitigated within 90 days
  • Soils must be compatible with industrial development
  • IBC Seismic Site Classification Report
  • 5 miles, via truck route, of an interstate or a four-lane highway
  • Must be served or be able to be served with significant electric service within 9 months
  • Must be served or be able to be served with significant water resources by water infrastructure and a water system with minimum excess capacity
  • Must be served or be able to be served within nine months by wastewater infrastructure and a wastewater treatment plant with a minimum excess capacity
  • DS-1 orT-1 telecommunications infrastructure

Reports and Documentation Available Upon Request

  • Transportation Network Maps
  • Aerial Photography
  • USGA Quadrangle Map
  • Protective Covenants
  • FEMA Flood Maps
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
  • Wetland Delineation Report
  • Rare or Endangered Species Report
  • Archaeological Findings Report
  • Geotechnical Study
  • Geotechnical Report on Seismic Site Classification
  • Topographic Survey
  • Community Zoning Map
  • Information on Utility Capacity
  • Protective Covenants
  • Master Development Plan
  • Site Design Guidelines

Contact MEDCO President Nick Glew to request immediate copies of any of the reports listed above.

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