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We're creating competitive advantage for students who have a connection with a career here at home. The work you've done to equip yourself through a job shadow, internship or part time job is paying off! Now we'd like to provide you with funds to help pursue skills for long term success! 

A Pursuit Promise solidifies the intent of a Student and Business Partner to enter into a long term mentoring relationship. When you complete a Pursuit Promise, it doesn't guarantee full time employment. It does declare a business partner's high level of intent and a student's long term desire in continuing to work together. 

When a Pursuit Promise is signed, all parties acknowledge some kind of prior relationship though job shadows, internships, project based learning, part-time employment, or a comparable workplace experience. There's joint interest in developing a student's career pathway that may lead to full time employment.

In addition to submitting the Pursuit Promise, students are required to complete a simple academic and financial plan (this can be found in the Pursuit Promise document). These informal documents outline classes needed to qualify for a position as well as an understanding of how a student might pay for it. Don't worry about the details. Contact your school counselor to work through this process.

Step 1 - Download the Pursuit Promise

The supporting documents to a Pursuit Promise must be developed and completed as a team by the student’s school counselor, the business partner, the student, and if applicable a partnering higher education institution.

Step 2 - Submit your completed Pursuit Promise

Use the form below to upload your completed Pursuit Promise. All supporting documents must be combined into one pdf and uploaded as one total file.

Submit Completed Pursuit Promise and Academic and Financial Information: *

What to expect next

All signing parties will receive an email indicating the Pursuit Promise has been submitted. We'll include any remaining questions we may have as well as instructions as you consider submitting a Pursuit Grant. Learn more about Pursuit Grants in the section below.


Once you complete Pursuit Promise, you are eligible to apply for a Pursuit Grant. The Marion Community Promise Foundation exists to fund Pursuit Grants that financially support student efforts to become trained and skilled assets to the local workforce. These grants also support local business partners seeking to equip their next generation of talent.

Grant funds may only be used to cover college tuition, certifications, or vocational training costs. All approved grant funds will be paid directly to the school or provider of the funded training once expenses are incurred and all match requirements met.

Grant awards will not exceed $4,000 per student. Grants shall have a 2:1 cash match provided by a combination of the student and a partnering business. Read complete grant details by viewing the full application below.

Step 1 - Download the Pursuit Grant Application

Need help calculating your maximum Pursuit Grant? Use our grant calculator to figure out your funding mix.

The Marion Community Promise Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charity. Donors to the Foundation can deduct contributions under IRC Section 170. Anyone interested in making a gift to the Marion Community Promise Foundation may call 319-743-4724.

Step 2 - Submit Your Completed Pursuit Grant Application

Use the following submission forms to send us your completed application as well as the required attachments. If you are able to combine all attachments into one document, feel free to submit one file using the "Pursuit Grant Application" field.

What to expect next

An email will immediately be issued to all signing parties, confirming application has been received. The Community Promise Foundation Board will review your application and will issue a response within 30 days of receiving it.

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