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Site Plan and Tier Descriptions

The Marion Enterprise Center (MEC) identifies three unique Tiers to assist in the classification of uses related primarily by their form and function opposed to the pure use of the property.

Tier I

This area is located at the Gateway to the City, as well as the MEC; building design and use are particularly important and the design guidelines are the most restrictive in this Tier. Tier I is created to provide a space for the development of primarily intensive office, research and light industrial facilities. All business, service and processing, or storage should be conducted wholly within an enclosed building. The area could support limited retail uses which primarily serve the businesses or employees of the MEC. Retail Uses identified in the Allowable Use table may be permitted provided the retail use is supported by City Council after review and recommendation of the Planning Commission. Appropriate details regarding the use shall be submitted to illustrate its relationship to the businesses and employees of the MEC.

Tier II

Tier II was created to provide a location for more intensive industrial uses, larger stand alone office and research facilities, or warehouse distribution operations. Lots in this area should be larger and occupied by primarily one user. It would be anticipated that large parking areas would be associated with these properties as well as truck loading and unloading facilities. While it is probable that industrial users will need to have limited outside storage and the potential for large scale trucking operations, there should remain a strong sense design which should be carried out on all aspects of the property consistent with the design guidelines

Tier III

Tier III was created to be the least restricted area of MEC; however, there should still be a sense of design throughout the site. The outward appearance of all loading and unloading areas, and parking and storage facilities, should be screened and buffered to reduce negative impacts to the public right of way consistent with the design guidelines. This area would provide the opportunity for heavy industrial users or exclusive uses as identified in the Marion Code of Ordinances. Uses identified in the Marion Code of Ordinances as Conditional Uses in the I-1 or I-2 or Exclusive Uses could be located here provided they meet the standards for design as established in both the Design Guidelines and the Marion Code of Ordinances. Exclusive Uses and Conditional Uses as identified in the I-1 or I-2 District of the Marion Code could be located only in this area of MEC.

Airport Zone Land Use Guidance

The Marion Airport is located directly east of the MEC in Linn County. The Marion Airport is a private airport with public use. The City has no specific airport zoning or established requirements related to Airports. The State of Iowa has developed a guide for regulating land uses around airports and each final site development plan will be reviewed against the Airport Land Use Guidebook and included in staff’s report to the Planning Commission and City Council.

Download the current MEDCO Marion Enterprise Center Development Plan reflecting land sales.

The following chart identifies allowable uses by Tier:

 General Uses Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
 Business of Trade School X    
 Construction Sales & Service X X
 Corporate Office X X X
 General Office X X X
 Manufacturing, Assembly & Compounding X X X
 Printing, lithographing or film processing X    
 Research Services X X X
 Trade Services   X X
   - Transportation Terminal    
   - Truck Terminal   X X
 Warehousing   X X
 Retail Uses Tier 1  Tier 2  Tier 3 
 Clinic or Group Medical Center X    
 Financial Service  X    
 Restaurant X    
 Retail Service  X    
 Personal Service  X    
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