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ESCO Group Summer Intern Lands Full-Time Role

Published Monday, September 28, 2020

Michael Pfeiffer first learned about ESCO Group at Kirkwood Community College, when a recruiter visited his class. “I always knew I was interested in ESCO and that they were a great company I wanted to work for one day.” Pfeiffer completed the Industrial Maintenance and Automation programs at Kirkwood Community College and was lucky enough to land a summer internship at ESCO Group.

ESCO Group is a Marion based company focused on automation, electrical and instrumentation professional services. ESCO provides a large variety of services in Electrical Construction, Plant Services, Automation and Control Systems, Enterprise Solutions, Electrical Engineering and Design, Arc Flash Hazard Analysis, IR Testing, and Electrical Safety Training and Consultation. 

The COVID-19 pandemic really threw a wrench into a typical summer internship. Regardless, Pfeiffer was still able to complete his experience with ESCO Group entirely remote. “It was harder for me doing it online, if you’re right there next to someone it’s easier than online learning,” said Pfeiffer. Despite the obstacles, Pfeiffer said the internship was very structured, organized and still allowed him to learn differently.

Upon completion, Pfeiffer was offered a position in the electrical design department. “Essentially, a company comes to us to tell us they need a certain machine or lights installed and we will create the drawings for that. If it’s a panel, we take it and build it in our Des Moines shop. I use Auto CAD Electrical and a few additional platforms,” said Pfeiffer.

When asked about why Pfeiffer had pursued a career in this field, his answer was simple. “I love seeing how things work and that led me to industrial design. To me, any knowledge is good knowledge.”

Pfeiffer is looking forward to what is to come at ESCO Group for him.

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