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Carpentry Registered Apprenticeship Program at Five Rivers Carpenters JATC

Published Friday, August 7, 2020
by Alexa Ganzeveld

For over 40 years, the highly experienced training committee at Five Rivers Carpenters JATC have been teaching apprentices the art of carpentry. Through commercial carpentry, residential carpentry and cabinetry classes, Five Rivers Carpenters JATC help apprentices become professional carpenters.

John DeLany, Apprenticeship Coordinator at Five Rivers Carpenters JATC gave an inside look into the registered apprenticeship.

“We have one program where we teach a little bit everything. However, carpentry is not what people typically think it is, it’s not just woodworking,” DeLany said.

Carpentry is a skilled trade and a craft in which the primary work performed is the cutting, shaping and installation of building materials during the construction of buildings, ships, wood bridges, and concrete formwork.

“After being in the program for two years, apprentices tend to pick an area of carpentry that they want to focus on,” DeLany said.

Carpentry apprentices can take specialized classes to refine specified skills within the field of carpentry.

The four-year carpentry program allows apprentices the opportunity to work beside highly trained carpenters, all while earning a paycheck. Five Rivers Carpenters JATC offers over 20 carpentry certifications and a variety of day and night classes.

First year apprentices start at 60 percent of the journeyman wage. Apprentices receive gradual pay increases as they complete the apprenticeship. Currently, the journeyman wage is $27.58 per hour with a total package of $48.31 per hour.

 apprentices working on Aerial Lift CertificationIn Eastern Iowa, there are 111 students enrolled in the carpentry registered apprenticeship program.

“I always recommend that students try it for a summer first as a pre-apprentice,” DeLany said. “This gives them the hands-on experience and students can see if it is something that they enjoy or not.”

For more information about Five Rivers Carpenters JATC and the carpentry registered apprenticeship visit Students can also learn about this specific opportunity by seeking out the job profile on Community Promise. These exist for students to see where future talent is needed in the area.


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