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MEDCO Launches Candid Community Leadership Podcast

Published Friday, April 24, 2020

Candid Community Leadership, a new podcast produced by Marion Economic Development Corporation, launched today. The podcast series peels back the professional and corporate facades of our leaders, allowing us to tell the personal stories of people who work hard to lead communities and businesses every day. Each episode will bring you the stories of influential community and business leaders as they navigate the day's toughest challenges and opportunities amongst the teams they lead.

The first episode features the full MEDCO team, diving into the complexities of Routines Turned Upside Down and was recorded with everyone participating remotely from their home offices. The podcast is hosted by Nick Glew, President of Marion Economic Development Corporation.

“This project allows us to dive into topics we don't typically address through our traditional communication platforms,” says Glew. "We want to use this platform to have intentional, deeper conversations with community leaders who end the end of the day are human beings like you and I. We want to take the situations of today and apply them to real people that we interact with on a daily basis."

MEDCO plans to release a new episode each month. The podcast can be accessed at

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