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Legacy Manufacturing Invests in New Coiling Machine and Adds Staff

Published Monday, March 2, 2020

Legacy Manufacturing continues to grow and push the envelope when it comes to innovation through their willingness to invest in new processes. This Marion company makes high-quality, long-lasting tools and equipment for professional and consumer use including industry leading Flexzilla® air and water hoses.

Over the past few years as product manufacturing was re-shored to the United States, the company saw a direct increase in demand. The increase stemmed from customers seeking products made in the USA.

“We’ve tripled the number of coils we’re getting out per shift,” said Austin Weems, Production Manager for Legacy Manufacturing.

To keep up with the increased demand, the company invested in a hose coiling machine. “Shortly after we got the first machine, we realized it couldn’t keep up with the demand of hoses, so we invested in a second one for our air hoses” said Weems.

The newer machine totally coils the hose, eliminating much of the intensive manual labor the older machine required. It also incorporates a robotic arm to move product off the machine faster. Contrary to popular belief, the integration of automation has even required the company to add new jobs in other areas of the production process.

“We needed more people crimping, packaging, handling material, people to bring down stock and put away new product. Due to this we actually added ten new people while including a second shift and we’re already looking at adding a third shift to get maximum utilization of the new machine,” mentioned Weems.

Now that Legacy’s air hose line is entirely made in the USA, it also allows the company the ability to better manage inventory vs managing the lead time required to manufacture and deliver a product from overseas.

“We kept staff in communication the entire time we were considering moving to this and made sure they were involved in the process,” said Spike Staebler, Director of Operations for Legacy Manufacturing. “People hear ‘robots’ and are concerned about job elimination, when in reality it meant the exact opposite.”

The company will only continue to expand as more product is re-shored. Keep your eyes on Legacy Manufacturing, they are blazing their own trail!

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