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Local Business Harnesses the Talents of Area's Students

Published Thursday, August 8, 2019
by Kara Lindsay, MEDCO Intern

This year, Iowa has been expanding work-based learning to better prepare students for careers in high demand job markets. The state goal is for 70% of Iowa’s workforce to have education or training beyond high school. While this is a nice goal for the state to have, such a goal requires action from the communities to achieve it. Community Promise is Marion’s way of connecting students with careers that are located here.

Lorri Reece, IT Operations Manager at LimoLink discussed some of these fantastic opportunities that are located right at home. LimoLink is a company that provides ground transportation services to Executives of Fortune 500 companies, helping to make sure a car is there to chauffeur these people to the places they need to go. They state their mission as follows: “LimoLink doesn’t just provide the best service in the industry; we provide the best service in any industry. Using progressive technology, combined with our first-hand market knowledge, we provide solutions before you are aware a problem even exists. Currently serving over 590 markets globally in over 100 countries, we do not simply book reservations, we manage reservations. We are your trusted ground transportation partner.” Although this is a very customer-service oriented company, there are many opportunities in software development and IT that students can learn about. Some of these jobs include:  Business Analyst, Quality Analyst, Help Desk Support, Junior Software Developer, Network Administrator, and Client Service Specialists among others.

Some students might not know what these jobs entail, but they can find all these careers under the Job Profiles page on the Community Promise website. When they look at these profiles, they may notice a strong emphasis on math and science, although Reece mentioned there is much more to careers than the education:

“When we are looking to hire someone, we are looking for a certain personality, someone who will fit in well – someone who is willing to collaborate and work as a team. We’re not looking for someone who wants to take charge and do it their own way. We place a big emphasis on the soft skills. We want someone who knows coding, but we will train them if they’re the right fit.”

LimoLink has also done a great job providing internship and opportunities to students through other area programs. They provide internships for Kirkwood’s Workplace Learning Connection high school students, provide problem solving opportunities through Iowa Big, and submitted Job Profiles as seen on the Marion Community Promise website.

A degree in Analytics is invaluable when considering an IT or Software career. Technology changes so frequently due to artificial intelligence that this pathway gives students an opportunity to keep learning throughout their entire career.

Job Profiles are a fantastic opportunity for students, but these also provide opportunities for employers. When asked why LimoLink puts forth such an effort to help the community, Reece said ”Honestly, we have two things – we want to get LimoLink’s name into the community, but more importantly we want students to be exposed to jobs you could find in Cedar Rapids and not think you have to go elsewhere.”

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