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Job type:Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math


Individuals who fill this position must abide by the Ryan safety policies and procedures and set a good example for both Ryan and Subcontractor employees. He or she must be able to work productively with others or independently. The individual must be able to follow instructions and complete their assigned tasks in a timely manner with the best workmanship possible. This individual must be able to communicate with their Foreman or Superintendent when circumstances that affect completion of their assigned tasks have changed.  Individuals must abide by the start and end times for breaks and always keep their Foreman or Superintendent informed if they will be late or absent from work.  This individual will assist in the training of apprentices assigned to them at a ratio of 1 apprentice to 3 journeymen.  This individual will always report to work with the proper tools to perform any journeyman carpenter work that is assigned.

Duties:  In addition to the normal activities a Carpenter performs during the various phases of a project, a Carpenter is also required to assist with the activities listed below:

• Assist with enforcing and be an example of Ryan safety policies and procedures.  Familiarize one’s self with the emergency procedures for the project they are on. Assist with directing traffic and clearing the path in the event of an emergency.

• Quality installation and layout of concrete forming systems, drywall framing and sheetrock, rough carpentry, installation of high end doors, hardware and millwork, safety carpentry, and light demolition.

• Responsible for Ryan tools and equipment entrusted to them with regard to proper care and storage, as well as the obligation to immediately report any tool damage, loss or theft to their supervisor.

• Individuals must abstain from, avoid, and report any form of harassment to their supervisor.

Starting salary:
Pay range varies per region. National minimum salary starts at $19.00 per hour (non-union).

Company benefits:
Most Carpenters are hired through a union, and they are eligible for benefits appropriate for the area union.

High school courses important to the position:
Math: Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry Science: Physics English: Composition, Electives (if offered): Building Construction, Woodworking, other construction related electives

Training, certifications, or degree needed to qualify for the position:
? Retain a valid driver?s license. ? Pass a pre-employment drug and alcohol test and subsequent random and post-accident drug and alcohol testing. ? Successful completion of union required training programs. ? Be in good standing with the union.

Specific skills that your business recognizes as fundamental to employment (life skills):
? Ability to work productively with others. ? Problem-solving abilities. ? Communicate effectively. ? Work efficiently and effectively. ? Be self-motivated. ? Show leadership skills. ? Ability to make sound decisions. ? Must be able to remain calm during stressful situations and work through any challenges or issues that may arise. ? Must be able to know when to ask for help when a job task exceeds their skills or abilities. ? Must have knowledge in the safe handling and proper care of power tools.

Advancement opportunities in the company:
Career advancement opportunities in the company are available for employees. They vary depending on individuals, business, and team needs.

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