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Registered Nurse

Job type:Health Science


The RN is responsible for the delivery of safe and reliable patient care, in coordination with the healthcare team.  The primary role of the RN is the execution of the nursing process in providing required care and evaluation of the care given.  Responsibilities include:  assessment, nursing diagnosis related to focus problem areas, planning, implementation and evaluation of nursing care.  Performance of these responsibilities requires specialized knowledge, critical thinking and skills based on principles of psychological, social, physical and biological sciences that utilize the nursing process.

A. Education

•  Writes, reads, comprehends and speaks fluent English.

•  Must have successfully completed an accredited nursing program.

•  BSN preferred

B. Qualifications/Experience

•   Must possess current RN licensure in the State of Iowa or compact state.

C.  Special Skills/Knowledge

•   Maintain current BLS certification.

•   Must be able to successfully complete a basic computer course on the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) through in-hospital training.

•   Demonstrates proficiency in the manual skills and techniques required to perform basic/advanced nursing procedures in the administration of medication therapy and the operation of specialized equipment.

•   Specialty certification encouraged.

D.  Mental and Cognitive Traits Required

•   Respects patient confidentiality in all communication; fully adheres to St. Luke’s Standards of Excellence and Code of Conduct.

•   Exercises sound judgment, seeking advice when appropriate.

•   Grasps new concepts and acquires new skills and procedures readily.

•   Directs concerns regarding patient care and/or hospital policies to the Manager or appropriate designee.

E.   Behavior Demands

•   Upholds standards of excellence.

F.   Age Specific Requirements (Describe the age group of population served)

•   0-12 months

•   12 months – 17 years

•   18 years – 65 years

•   65 years and older

Considers the special needs and behaviors of specific age groups served when performing his/her job duties.


•   The associate is aware of hospital and department compliance for federally funded healthcare programs (e.g. Medicare and Medicaid) regarding fraud, waste and abuse.  Brings any questions or concerns regarding compliance to the immediate attention of department or hospital administrative staff.

•   Purposefully conducts all aspects of the job in an ethical manner in support of the hospital’s commitment to ethical behavior in all areas of personal and professional activity.

•   Successfully completes hospital-wide orientation, annual hospital competencies and department specific competencies.

•   For the safety of our patients and co-workers, St. Luke’s Hospital requires seasonal and job related vaccinations.  This is reviewed regularly during periodic health assessments.

Performs patient care functions as required.

•   Assumes primary responsibility for the plan of care through their shift or episode of care for a patient or group of patients, per unit standards and nursing care required for the specified patient population.

•   Effectively delegates tasks and responsibilities to other health care team members and assumes responsibility for follow-up and collaboration.

•   Performs admission assessment process per specific department standards to include patient history, physical, and psycho-social assessment.  Utilizes physical assessment data, diagnostic data (lab, radiology, diagnostic testing), pharmacological information and patient/family perceptions in formulating nursing diagnosis related to focus problem areas and identifying goals of care.

•   Assumes responsibility for developing a plan of care that is mutually established with the patient and family.  Each patient is treated as an individual, with their identified goals and expectations reviewed each shift to verify priorities. 

•   Implements the plan of care according to current standards of nursing practice, evidence-based practice, and hospital protocol/procedures.

•   Integrates multidisciplinary approach to maintain comfort, support human functions and responses, and maintain an environment conductive to safety and well-being.  Implements measures to promote a safe environment.

•   Partners with healthcare team to achieve the patient care outcomes and goals of care.

•   Administers medications and nursing treatments within scope of practice. 

Participates in care coordination of the patient across the continuum.

•   Focuses plan of care on patient-centric goals. 

•   Focuses on patients’ care needs across all sites of care.

•   Collaborates with the patient/family to anticipate steps needed to ensure safe transitions in care.

Demonstrates effective communication and safe hand-offs.

•   Demonstrates good verbal and written communication skills with patients, families, healthcare team members and other customers.  Verbal communication is clear and precise.  Written communication is legible, if handwritten, and done in a timely manner using approved abbreviations.

•   Real-time Electronic Medical Record (EMR) documentation is done in accordance with hospital and unit policies.

•   Hand-offs are done with attention to detail and with safety as a high priority.  Hand-offs are utilized to communicate patient treatment and assessment information, patient education needs, goals of care and other quality care measures at each change of caregiver or setting of care.

•   Tools are consistently utilized for hand-offs to assure that critical information is shared and updated with each hand-off.

•   Communication with providers occurs during routine rounding and as needed.

Supports evidence-based clinical practice and questions the rationale and scientific basis for clinical practice and/or changes in practice.

•   Complies with changes in clinical practice and standards.

•   Participates in data collection when the opportunity is presented.

•   Supports/participates in interpretation of clinical literature and uses to validate and/or change clinical practice. Utilizes Advanced Practice Nurses to assist with research process.

Provides educational opportunities for patients, families and other healthcare team members .

•   Integrates patient/family teaching throughout the hospitalization, including the plan and goals of care, pre- and post-operative procedures, diagnostic procedures, and discharge teaching. 

•   Integrates preventative health maintenance into the education plan.

•   Assists in the orientation of new associates by acting as a resource and mentor to associates.  Collaborates with unit leadership, as appropriate.  Serves in preceptor role, as appropriate.

•   Participates in the education experiences of students and/or RN interns.

•   Uses principles of health literacy.

•   Utilizes evidenced based models of learning.

Provides professional nursing practice through compliance with established department routines, policies, and procedures.

•   Participates in mandatory education and department staff meetings, per established guidelines.

•   Participates in shared governance and performance improvement activities at the department and/or organization level.

•   Maintains safety through use of established infection prevention principles, safe patient handling programs, and speak up culture.

•   Continually maintains and strives to enhance personal technical and clinical competence in all job related duties.

•   Participates in appropriate professional organizations.

•   Performs other duties as deemed necessary to meet the hospital’s mission, to give the healthcare we’d like our loved ones to receive.

Starting salary:
$49,000 annual

Company benefits:
Medical Insurance Dental Insurance Vision Insurance Flex Spending Accounts Disability Insurance Life Insurance 401(k) Retirement Savings Paid Leave

High school courses important to the position:
Math, Science, Technology

Training, certifications, or degree needed to qualify for the position:
Associate Degree Nursing or Bachelor Degree Nursing

Specific skills that your business recognizes as fundamental to employment (life skills):
Customer service and soft skills

Advancement opportunities in the company:
Supervisory/Management or advanced programs such as Advanced Practice Nurse/Nurse Practitioner

Linn-Mar Career Path Curriculum Marion Independent Career Path Curriculum

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