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Off-Site Special Education Associate (Level 3 Behavior)

Job type:Education & Training


Provides assistance to licensed instructional or support staff in the delivery of special education supports and services.  Serves special education students in off-campus setting supporting challenging behavior.  Under the direction of licensed staff, assists to provide instructional and behavioral programming which has been designed to meet each individual’s unique educational needs.

Starting salary:
$11-$12 per hour

Company benefits:
Insurance, sick leave, personal leave, collaborative working environment, ongoing professional learning opportunities, family-friendly work schedule

High school courses important to the position:
Child development or similar coursework

Training, certifications, or degree needed to qualify for the position:
High school diploma or equivalent, experience working with children/students with challenging behavior preferred

Specific skills that your business recognizes as fundamental to employment (life skills):
Commitment to ongoing learning, respect for all learners, use time efficiently to manage workload, perform with minimal oversight, work appropriately and productively with others, communicate effectively, engage in effective problem solving, enjoy working with families

Advancement opportunities in the company:
Classified full year openings

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