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Real Estate Agent

Company:Iowa Realty
Job type:Business, Management, and Administration


•  Develop and maintain a network of clients and maintain a relationship with them before, during and after their real estate transaction

•  Manage all advertising and marketing materials for your services

•  Become an expert in your clients' needs and advise them throughout the real estate purchase and sale  process

•  Be informed on the climate of your local real estate market

•  Work well and manage relationships with fellow real estate agents

•  Mediate all negotiations and communication between client and real estate purchaser or seller

Starting salary:
Commission Based

Company benefits:
Be a part of so much more with Iowa Realty. If you?re looking for a career in real estate or always wanted to pave your own career path, look no further. As the leader in the real estate industry in Iowa, we are committed to providing the training, education, technology, marketing and support to help our agents succeed.

High school courses important to the position:
Business, Sales, Psychology, Entrepreneur, Speech, Finance

Training, certifications, or degree needed to qualify for the position:
To work as a real estate agent (and be qualified for this position) you must have (or obtain) a real estate license. Like getting a driver's license, state authorized training/testing is required to get certified. Third-party educational institutions provide this fee-based training to the general public.

Specific skills that your business recognizes as fundamental to employment (life skills):
The entire Real Estate industry depends on Real Estate Agents. A successful agent is a people-person who enjoys working with customers to make one of the most significant purchases or sales of their life. In this position, you manage the entire real estate purchasing or sale process from listing to closing. You love developing long-term client relationships and being an asset to your customers for their every real estate need

Advancement opportunities in the company:
Broker, Manager, Sales Manager

Linn-Mar Career Path Curriculum Marion Independent Career Path Curriculum

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