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These businesses represent significant investment in MEDCO. Together, as business partners, we’re making Marion the best place in Iowa to grow a business.


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Marion is the best place in Iowa to grow a business. Let us prove it! With a higher concentration of the people you need, the ICR Iowa region provides you with a highly trained workforce at a competitive cost compared to other nationwide locations. Plus, Marion's population has increased over 7% in just the last six years. We're consistently one of the fastest growing communities in Iowa, making us a prime location for new investment and quality workforce. We're leaders in innovation across diverse industries and hyper-focused on the following emerging sectors. 

Insurance & Finance

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Food & Bio Processing

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Biotech & Medical Technology

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Engineering & Automation

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What Makes Marion Exceptional?

MEDCO's involement in the education and business community has allowed leadership to thrive. Additionaly, the commitment to students in the Marion area about job possibilities and where to find help has been incredible!
-Scott Pantel | Vice President, Marketing, Rinderknecht Associates Inc
Marion's slogan is "Reach Higher" but another slogan that came out during the branding revamp a few years ago was "The sky is not the limit." I see this directly in the ImagiNext initiative. There are four big ideas that are being sought. But that's not enough for Marion. If Marion just worked on the Big 4, Marion would be limiting itself. In Marion, there's not a line holding anything back. There is too much to do. There are too many people that need to get engaged.
-Kyle Martin | President, Martin Gardner Architecture
What makes Marion exceptional is its commitment to constantly improve, a common value between the business community and city institutions.
-Lon Pluckhahn | City Manager, City of Marion
Hands down, it's the people who live and work in Marion. All cities have buildings and parks and commerce, but it is the extraordinary people in Marion that care about our community. This caring attitude combined with the vision of our civic and business leaders have cultivated tremendous business culture!
- Kevin King | Market President, Ohnward Bank & Trust