MEC History


History of the Development of the Marion Enterprise Center

In the Fall of 2007 the Marion Economic Development Corporation (MEDCO) and the City of Marion began an aggressive initiative to focus on the redevelopment and clean up of the Brownfield / Central Corridor area of Marion. A significant aspect of this venture was the opportunity for existing Marion businesses to re-locate to a different location within Marion that would incorporate more compatible land uses in adjacent areas.

In order to help relocate Brownfield businesses out of the Central Corridor and keep those businesses in Marion, MEDCO and the City began looking at the possibility of purchasing approximately 40 acres of ground.

At the end of January, 2008, MEDCO began discussions with the owners of a 95 acre farm. The MEDCO board approved purchasing Fernow Farms in April 2008. Concurrently the City of Marion agreed to provide financial support for the purchase and development of a progressive and cutting edge office/industrial park.

MEDCO Holding Company, LLC. (MHC) was established as a wholly owned corporation of MEDCO to serve as owner/manager of the land. At that time the project became known as the Marion Enterprise Center.

MEDCO made a commitment to work with surrounding landowners in creating a business park that would help bring new opportunity to both new and existing business. In January 2010, MEDCO Holding Company purchased an additional 88 acres.

This brought the total acreage of the Marion Enterprise Center to 184 acres. In addition, a 35 acre parcel owned by Waldo Morris was incorporated into the overall plan so that the City of Marion and MEDCO, with assistance from the Cedar Rapids Economic Alliance (formerly known as Priority One), could submit a RISE Grant application to the IDOT for the extension of Partners Avenue and was awarded a $1.3 million grant.

Development of the Marion Enterprise Center began in the Spring of 2010. In 2014 the first significant tenants began construction at the Marion Enterprise Center. Today the park is one of the most active certified parks in the state of Iowa. In just two years over $20 million dollars of private investment has been realized inside the Marion Enterprise Center.

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