Highway Infrastructure

Marion and Iowa's Creative Corridor are centrally located in the United States. Our community is served by three four-lane controlled access highways. Highways 151, 13 & 100 provide companies with effective and efficient transportation options.

Our community is ideally situated to allow companies access to Highway 30 and Interstate 380 in minutes, while being within 30 minutes of Interstate 80.

Metro Map MEDCO-01-REBRAND.png




Marion to major markets:

Des Moines 130 miles
Madison 150 miles
Milwaukee 240 miles
Chicago 250 miles
Omaha 270 miles
Minneapolis 275 miles
St. Louis 290 miles
Kansas City 330 miles





Air Transportation

Commerical Passenger & Cargo Transit

Marion is located 18 miles from the Eastern Iowa Airport. One of the fastest growing commerical airports in the nation, the Eastern Iowa Airport offer non-stop flights to 12 destinations around the country and average more than 1 million passengers per year. 

The airport is served by 5 commercial airlines and major cargo carriers FedEx, UPS, DHL, and the United States Postal Service.

Learn more about the Eastern Iowa Airport here.  

Eastern Iowa Airport 150.png

General Aviation 

The Marion Airport serves the general aviation needs of the community. Adjacent to the Marion Enterprise Center, the airport is located on Highway 151.

Find more information about the Marion Airport here