Are you the Marion type?

Legacy Manufacturing Reduces Friction Points

Legacy Manufacturing makes high-quality hoses, air tools and greasing equipment that are long-lasting for professional and consumer use. The company specifically focuses on reducing friction points for customers by challenging convention.

Gardening is an activity that many people enjoy and spend much of their free time tending to tasks required for a fruitful outcome. The team at Legacy Manufacturing wasn’t satisfied with the industry standard for garden hoses and developed a new product called the SwivelGrip™.

The SwivelGrip™ Garden Hose was created by the innovative team at Legacy Manufacturing that focused on all the things customers dread about using a conventional hose. One can imagine the frustration of wrangling a hose that isn’t flexible, gets tangled and kinks. The SwivelGrip™ eliminates the twists that occur when uncoiling a hose and releases trapped kinks. The hose turns inside the SwivelGrip™, making summertime gardening enjoyable again.

While Legacy Manufacturing makes a variety of innovative products, all of them strive to “take the work out of work”.

Legacy Manufacturing is the Marion type. Are you?