Are You The Marion Type?

Did you have a headache this week?

  1. Do you know pharmaceutical ingredients need to be processed so they flow better into tablet presses?
  2. Do you know your tablets are coated so they don’t taste bitter?
  3. Have you ever seen those small beads that are inside a medicine capsule?

Marion, Iowa is home to the USA Headquarters for Freund-Vector Corporation. The company designs, manufactures, services and markets equipment for the processing of powders, particles, beads, pellets, tablets and other solid materials.

The team at Freund-Vector can customize each system that will fit the needs of their client, whether it be coating, drying, granulation, tablet forming and much more.

Freund-Vector has clients all over the globe and what makes them unique is they diagnose and service all the machines they’ve created, even if it requires flying around the globe!

Freund-Vector Corporation is the Marion type. Are you?