Labor & Workforce

Marion is located in ICR Iowa. Our region has access to an educated labor-force of 560,390 workers. A quality workforce is essential to business operation, and our workforce in Marion is one reason why quality companies invest in our community. 

MEDCO recognizes that workforce is one of, if not the biggest challenge, facing employers across the country. We work regionally with our various partners to maximize our resources pertaining to workforce development, retention, and recruitment.

Workforce Data

Informed decisions are the right decisions. That is why MEDCO works with our partners at the Corridor Alliance to generate and make available as much workforce data as possible for employers in the region. 

Labor Market Information

Current Data from Iowa Workforce Development


Cedar Rapids MSA Laborshed - 2015

Occupations and Wages

Cedar Rapids MSA Wage Survey - 2015
Cedar Rapids Area Wage Statistics Sheet - 2015

2015 Laborshed Analysis Break Down by Industry:

Advanced Manufacturing 
Clerical / Administrative 
Customer Service 
Financial Services 
Food Processing 
Healthcare Professions 
Information Technologies Customer Service 
Information Technologies 
Professional Services 
Warehouse Distribution 
Wholesale Retail 

Industry projection breakdown:

Learn more about estimated activity for all industries.

Job Training

To help maintain Marion and ICR Iowa's competitive advantage of having a skilled and educated workforce, MEDCO can provide assistance and information for job training programs to meet the needs of your company. 

Kirkwood has recently launched the Leadership in Manufacturing Certificate. Learn more about the program here.

Iowa New Jobs Training Program (260E)

An Employee Training Program Designed for New or Expanding Business

The Iowa New Jobs Training Program (260E) is an incentive program for companies expanding or relocating to a new facility in the state of Iowa. Participation in the program allows employers to be reimbursed for a portion of training expense and wages for new jobs created in the state.

The 260E program is one of the easiest and most beneficial incentive programs from the state of Iowa. The community colleges across the state administer the program and over 300 companies in Kirkwood's seven county region have participated in the program.

Eligible industries: manufacturing, processing, assembling products, warehousing, wholesaling, or conducting research and development as well as businesses engaged in the provision of services that have customers outside of Iowa. 

Watch video from area business people who use the 260E program.

Marion Career Explorer Club

Connecting Marion students to Marion employers

MEDCO has partnered with Vernon Middle School of the Marion Independent School and Linn-Mar School districts to launch yearly Career Explorer Clubs. The clubs meet monthly at a local employer, giving the employer an opportunity to teach the kids more about their industry, their company, and the skills needed to work for them. The program was created with the goal of being an innovative co-educational program with the purpose to expose students to various career opportunities across different industry segments.

If you are interested in hosting the career explorer club at your business, contact Nick Glew.

Kirkwood Workplace Learning Connection

Workplace Learning Connection connects students in east central Iowa with business professionals that are interested in preparing our region's future workforce.

Students become more prepared for the local job market, and businesses have the opportunity to mold potential employees, creating a hands-on way for students to explore careers while in high school. 

Learn more about the program here