Our Vision

Think about a community made up of loyal people filled with pride for who they work for and where they live. They feel a deep sense of ownership in their home town because, at a young age, their company engaged with educators to provide early glimpses toward future careers.

Community Promise capitalizes on career exposure and experiences that lead to authentic career pursuit. We're talking about jobs right in our own backyard. Our business partners are ready to build relationships that transform false perceptions of real careers in our community.

Community Promise promotes high demand careers through MEDCO's Job Profile database. Here, we talk about careers beyond a title and paycheck. We're educating both students and parents about required training, benefits received, and even advancement opportunities within local industry.

But this is a team effort. Our network of high school counselors design custom academic pathways for students ready to pursue specific careers. We know how to build a plan for every student who connects with a high demand job in our community.

This journey continues with a promise. Community promise delivers financial resources to students committed to specific local career pursuit. We've developed Pursuit Grants to fill financial gaps and support specialized certifications or career training. These grants represent investments by a business into future workforce, by students into their future success, and by Community Promise into our future leaders. It's a community fund investing in the people that define community.

Imagine an environment where students are exposed to high demand careers, provided opportunity to experience and pursue real jobs, all while being equipped and skilled to be career and life ready. Here, we reach higher and achieve more. That is the vision and the power of Community Promise.  

Program contact: 
Emily Russ, MEDCO Business Engagement Specialist
319-743-4728 | emily@medcoiowa.org