Be a Promise Partner

Partner Hands-01.pngCommunity Promise Partners are the most strategic and committed supporters of talent development. These exceptional business partners support the pursuit of real career opportunities for youth in the Marion & Linn-Mar school districts.

The framework of Community Promise provides pathways for students to be exposed to your industry, experience your work environment, and for some, begin pursuing a specific job.

As a Promise Partner, we challenge you to go one step further. We want to identify high demand jobs anticipated in your business over the next two years. We'll help you build a profile of that job(s) and promote it to local students.

Imagine the ability to be paired with a student attracted to a specific job in your company. When attraction turns to pursuit, you'll have the opportunity to interview and form a deeper partnership with that student. Don't worry, it's not a formal job offer. It's a way to solidify your intent to invest in and build up a potential employee. Who knows, maybe that relationship will turn to a real job offer.

But this is a team effort. Our education partners will work with you and your student to design a custom academic pathway that supports pursuit of your specific Job Profile. We can help you navigate that process.

And when career training requires certifications, apprenticeships, or a few college classes, Community Promise brings resources to the table. We're not only investing in future workforce, we're investing in future leaders of our community.

Complete our Job Profile Submission Form and we'll add your job to our database of high demand, high skill careers that you know you'll need soon. Community Promise fuels the exposure, experience, and pursuit for individuals to be equipped and career ready in our community. It may be with you!

Thank you for investing in Community Promise.