Community Promise

Will YOU be all in?


Welcome to Community Promise! Community Promise is a community strategy that redefines how our business community invests in our talent pipeline. The framework of Community Promise streamlines business engagement activities to create intentional pathways for students seeking an authentic career opportunity. We don't want students to just learn about a job. We want them to pursue and earn that job. Our commitment through Community Promise is that students are connected with immediate job opportunities and equipped with skills to succeed both personally and professionally.

Marion PD Group2500.jpgOur Community Promise is to equip 70 percent of our graduating seniors with education and training beyond a traditional high school experience. Our Community Promise is to invest $750,000 in our own talent by 2022 to address the employment needs of our Marion business community. Our community promise is to create an environment that builds community loyalty and is contagious to talent recruitment. Our community promise is to be a national leader in creating an insulated talent pipeline that is a competitive advantage for our community.

We invite you learn about our five step program and challenge you to make a promise to our
future workforce and future leaders. This is the promise of Marion's exceptional business environment. Will you be all in?


For more information on getting started, contact:
Emily Russ, MEDCO Business Engagement Specialist
319-743-4728 |