Timberline Manufacturing Focused on Exceptionally Detailed Customer Care

Timberline Manufacturing calls Marion home and recently opened a new 89,000 square foot facility adjacent to their former location. Upon entering the manufacturing floor of this organization are beautifully colored wires that are perfectly intertwined to create an artwork of sorts. These wires play a big part in what Timberline employees do every day.

Timberline Manufacturing is an employee-owned company that provides electrical contract manufacturing specializing in wire harness assembly, control panels, circuit board assembly and quality-focused engineering support. The offering of in house engineering capabilities has become a competitive advantage for Timberline. More and more customers are requesting engineering expertise to support the many projects that Timberline employees manufacture. Engineers create build instructions based on customer specs and prints so that the product is production ready. “Engineering is becoming a much more important piece of our business” said Lisa Cook, Vice President of Finance for Timberline.

While processes and efficiencies are incredibly important to ensure customer safety and satisfaction, Timberline believes the passion their employees have for the customer is what takes it a step further. This was demonstrated when Life Line Emergency Vehicles, a customer of Timberline, contracted with them for specific ambulance parts. A Timberline employee was granted the unique opportunity to see and experience the production process for an ambulance that would eventually be purchased by the St. Louis Children’s Hospital. This experience allowed the employee to gain a broader perspective on the importance of her role in manufacturing such a vital product for the healthcare industry and ultimately the people served.

“We talk a lot about quality and customer care, and this opportunity had a significant impact on that. Hearing her talk about how important it was to see our product in use and how important it is to the people relying on it to work correctly, really connected what she was doing to the product and the bigger picture” said Cook.

This is just a small example of the level of customer care and innovation happening at Timberline Manufacturing.

Timberline Manufacturing is the Marion type. Are you?