MEDCO Celebrates National Economic Development Week - May 8-13, 2017

Organizations nationwide increase awareness of jobs and economic development programs that enhance local community impact.

Marion, Iowa – Marion Economic Development Corporation (MEDCO) celebrates Economic Development Week from May 8-13. To celebrate throughout the week, MEDCO will be sharing stories about Marion. Economic Development Week was created and is coordinated by The International Economic Development Council. It is being held during the week of IEDC’s 91st anniversary as the largest professional membership organization for economic developers.

Typically economic development can be described in terms of objectives. These most commonly include the creation of jobs, expansion of industry, real estate growth, and the improvement of quality of life. Economic development can also be described as a process that influences growth and restructuring of an economy to enhance the economic well-being of a community.

Economic Development is not a one size fits all approach to growing communities,” says MEDCO President Nick Glew. “Our community strategy starts by partnering with existing industry to support and maintain an exceptional business environment for our companies to compete and thrive. Everything we do supports this environment in our community.

In 2016, MEDCO assisted 18 commercial and industrial investment projects representing new capital of more than $100 million into our community. These projects supported the combined retention and creation of 216 jobs in Marion. Marion Economic Development Corporation focus on six core service areas including Business Development (Retention, Expansion & Attraction), Real Estate Development, Workforce Development, Transportation & Infrastructure, Advocacy, and Marketing. MEDCO’s 2016-17 annual report can be VIEWED HERE.

2017 is the second consecutive year Economic Development Week was coordinated by IEDC. More than 75 communities participated in the 2016 campaign. The Economic Development Administration also issued a statement commemorating Economic Development Week.  To learn more about Economic Development Week, visit IEDC online at