Business Reaching Higher: Potter Real Estate

Boyd and Charlie Potter Are Sold On Marion 

The Marion business environment is filled with success and opportunities.  MEDCO is sharing compelling stories that highlight those who support the Marion economy and promote an environment that builds community loyalty.  Our strengths will retain and attract business development, allowing Marion to reach higher and achieve more.


  • MEDCO’s goal is to make Marion an environment where exceptional companies compete and thrive.  Why does Potter Real Estate believe that Marion is a place to compete and thrive? 

Potter Real Estate is a family-owned enterprise that began in Marion 60 years ago.  The business started in 1956 with Ralph Potter, who also served as the Mayor of Marion from 1963 - 1968 and in the Iowa State Senate from 1969 - 1975.    Potter Senior raised his sons in the Marion Independent School district.   His son Boyd joined the family business in 1973.  Boyd and his wife, both Marion grads, moved into the Linn-Mar School District and had two sons graduate from Linn-Mar High School.  Charlie, Boyd’s son, is the third generation to join the business.  Charlie also lives in Marion, his children attend the Marion School District and his wife works at Linn-Mar.  Let’s just say that the color ‘red’ is abundant in their family’s wardrobe!  

Boyd and Charlie are real estate agents representing residential and commercial properties in the area.  Boyd explains why he considers Marion the best place to raise a family and own a business, “Marion is our home.  We stay in Marion because it’s a thriving community and a great place to raise a family.  Both school districts are growing with their infrastructure to accommodate the growth in the community.  City staff and City Council members are progressive-thinking when it comes to Marion’s development.”  Charlie adds, “Liveability goes a long way.  Marion has a quality of life that makes this the place to be!”

  • MEDCO wants to influence a powerful narrative in support of the skilled and well-educated talent pipeline that exists in this region.  How does / can Potter Real Estate support this narrative? 

Boyd is a Trustee on the Marion School Foundation.  He believes that a key to building a strong workforce includes involvement with the K-12 system.  “Marion schools are doing a good job of connecting their students with career activities.  They hold a STEM Day at the high school, introducing their students to careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  It’s important to support the schools as they provide these types of experiences for their student population.”  While Potter Real Estate is a small organization, through school involvement, both Charlie and Boyd promote letting young people know that career opportunities exist in Marion. 

Potter Real Estate is a MEDCO investor, which means that they are committed to economic development in Marion.   It’s through support from businesses such as Potter Real Estate that MEDCO can lead economic development in our community, ensuring that Marion is an exceptional environment for businesses to compete and thrive.