Business Reaching Higher: Legacy Manufacturing

Meet Corbin Mollman, A Marion Legacy

The Marion business environment is filled with success and opportunities.  MEDCO is sharing compelling stories that highlight those who support the Marion economy and promote an environment that builds community loyalty.  Our strengths will retain and attract business development, allowing Marion to reach higher and achieve more.


  • MEDCO’s goal is to make Marion an environment where exceptional companies compete and thrive.  Why does Legacy Manufacturing believe that Marion is a place to compete and thrive? 

Legacy Manufacturing makes premium products for the industrial trade, primarily pneumatic and lubrication equipment such as air hoses, grease guns, oil equipment, and water hoses.  They have a presence on-line at, farm and agriculture stores such as Tractor Supply, automotive parts outlets, and mobile tool distributors to name a few.  You might know them best for their Flexzilla garden hose, sold at national home improvement stores.  Their signature green-colored hoses might even be in your garden supplies at home!  In fact, Flexzilla has its own trademarked pantone color code, which is proudly displayed on the walls of Legacy’s new facility in the Marion Enterprise Center. 

Corbin Mollman, Sales Manager for Legacy Manufacturing, has deep roots in the Marion community.  Legacy Manufacturing was started by owners Jim and Marilyn Weems, who went on to bring their three children, Sue, Mark and Matt, as well as Corbin’s dad, Bob Mollman into the business.  As the business grew, so did the family.  Two of the three Weems siblings raised their children in the Linn-Mar Community School District.  Corbin, Sue’s son, is now part of the third generation taking part in the leadership of the company.  He is a Linn-Mar graduate, as is his wife, and their son attends an elementary school in the same district.  Mollman did not go directly into the family business after college, though, which he believes provides him with a perspective that helps him still.

Mollman tells us that his family and Legacy Manufacturing is proud to call Marion home.  He says, “Geographically, Marion provides us with a great competitive edge in regard to our supply chain management.  Couple that with an economy that is well under the national average for cost of living, a healthy growth in population, and nationally ranked schools.”

  • MEDCO wants to influence a powerful narrative in support of the skilled and well-educated talent pipeline that exists in this region.  How does / can Legacy support this narrative?

Legacy Manufacturing is involved in several local charitable organizations including involving their staff in the Rotary, Shoes For Kids, and the Wounded Warrior Project.  Legacy also provides their staff with the opportunity for continued leadership education through the Kirkwood Business Partner Training Consortium.  Mollman shares, “Legacy is committed to providing excellence through continual innovation and anticipating our customer’s needs.  Neither of these are accomplished without having a strong, dedicated, and well-educated workforce that Marion, and the surrounding regions, provide.” 

Corbin Mollman joined the MEDCO Board this year, playing a role in leading Marion economic development, and helping us all reach higher.