Business Reaching Higher: Lebeda Mattress Factory

Lebeda Mattress Factory Delivers on Marion’s Economy 

The Marion business environment is filled with success and opportunities.  MEDCO is sharing compelling stories that highlight those who support the Marion economy and promote an environment that builds community loyalty.  Our strengths will retain and attract business development, allowing Marion to reach higher and achieve more.


  • MEDCO’s goal is to make Marion an environment where exceptional companies compete and thrive.  Why does Lebeda Mattress Factory believe that Marion is a place to compete and thrive? 

Lebeda Mattress Factory builds factory-direct mattresses by the thousands each year right here in Marion. Lebeda has two Marion locations. One is their production facility on Industrial Avenue, with 35 employees. This is almost half of their entire employment base, the rest which is spread throughout the Midwest. The other is their facility at 2992 7th Avenue, relocating a few blocks down the street to the west. Lebeda is moving their showroom to allow space for Unity Point to expand their services to the community. This will in turn add more jobs in Marion while augmenting the commercial tax base, adding additional revenue to the city and funding for the Marion Independent School District. The new Lebeda facility will have entrances on both 7th Avenue and 6th Avenue allowing flexibility to meet traffic pattern developments as the Central Corridor Project in Marion progresses.

Marion resident Russ Miller joined Lebeda Mattress Factory in 1996 with a plan to turn the struggling business into a profitable enterprise. Miller believes Lebeda's current success can be attributed to being blessed with dedicated and talented employees that produce a high quality product in a community that supports economic development.

In his twentieth year with Lebeda Mattress Factory, Miller reflects on the ease of transporting products to their 20 locations in the Midwest due to Marion's proximity to Hwy 151, 13, 30 and I-380. He says the current City Manager "represents Marion well" and the Marion Police Department is "fantastic" which contribute to a desirable and thriving business and family environment. Miller has served on the MEDCO Board and maintains an on-going relationship with Marion economic development, providing insight as one of the larger employers in the city.

  • What should prospective Marion business owners know about the skilled and well-educated talent pipeline that exists in this region? .  

Miller says, “I cannot say enough about the great character of Lebeda's employees. The longevity and talent of our production staff, dedicated management team and sales force make business in this community a pleasure."
The employees’ knowledge of their product and Lebeda's customer base is “priceless” and goes a long way in keeping Lebeda Mattress Factory a premiere product with loyal, and growing, clientele.

Look for the new Lebeda Mattress Factory showroom at 2525 7th Avenue, Marion. They are celebrating their new store opening in October 2016.